Services we offer

Grout cleaning      

We work with the best cleaning products to clean the grout without acids, suitable for white and colored grout.
Strong enough for commercial use. A cleaner for spills of grease, dirt, food and soap cleans in depth.
Our products are guaranteed to clean the most dirty grout, along with our products we also have machinery for a better way to clean the grout.

Steam cleaning   

We work steam cleaning without chemical products, it does not leave residues, we use it for the removal of wallpaper.
It is also used in the cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen utensils, carpets, grout cleaning, etc.
The steam machines extract the batteries 20% faster and achieve a better finish in cleaning.

Cleaning power     

Our pressure cleaning machines offer excellent cleaning in places where we do not come as in walls, roof, garage, ext ...
With its quick connection nozzle and its hose, we achieve constant water pressure by removing all the dirt from the places.

Window Cleaning

We have everything you are looking for to clean windows, doors or any other smooth surface. Our effective glass cleaner production and equipment provide maximum performance with minimal effort.
Call us, write us or request a place to give a budget to your work we will be at your disposal.

Office cleaning

In our company we provide professional commercial cleaning services, be it a clinic, a school, a small or large office building. We know that the cleaning needs of companies are very important, that is why we are committed to all customers of All Cleaning Miami.

Cleaning of stairs and floor

We perform deep cleaning of floors and stairs. That due to the passage of time and its daily use have stains that are not eliminated with traditional methods of production and cleaning. Consult us your case and we will give you the corresponding treatment to your land, you can call us for a budget without commitment.

Cleaning apartments

We develop an adequate work methodology for each type of support based on our experience and training of workers. We allocate the necessary resources achieving an optimal and efficient service. We have our own performance protocol, which works for clients.

Carpet cleaning     

The process of cleaning a carpet is you who starts it, from the moment you call us. Our team of experts works at your service to make the carpet look better after undergoing our deep cleaning method. We do a professional cleaning treatment with anti-mite treatment. We have the best price

Cleaning of reforms 

Have you finished renovating your house or apartment and everything is upside down? Do not worry about cleaning, because the solution is here for all your problems. Call us and you will not have to worry about anything.

Clinical cleaning

We work in public and private health services, carrying out a variety of cleaning services. Do you provide specialized cleaning services by deeply cleaning the contamination and your health care environment?

House cleaning     

Our cleanings are customizable, you can choose the areas that are included in our cleaning and the items you want to clean at home. You can add as many as you want to fully customize your cleaning service.

Hotel cleaning

In hotels, guests do not leave things exactly in the same conditions as when they are at home. That's why hotels need cleaning companies to keep everything in order and that's what All Cleaning Miami is for.

School cleaning

Schools and daycare should have the required importance in all kinds of places. It is necessary to maintain the cleaning and disinfection in all its areas. In this way, we can reduce the number of germs and take care of our children and teachers.

Bank cleaning​

Banks and financial institutions play an important role in everyday functions. Therefore, the offices and the lobby receive the clients daily, so they must reflect the total cleanliness so that the locar is welcoming while the clients carry out their procedures.

Factory cleaning

Cleaning and industrial sanitation prolong the useful life and maximum productivity, and at the same time take care of the health of workers. It will also encourage them to feel more comfortable in their jobs and to be more productive.

Opening Hours: 9am - 7pm
From Monday to Saturday 
Sundays of: 9am - 2pm

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